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Design & conceptualization

SRIco company in this direction is committed to always adhere to enhance the quality of their services.

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Software design and visualization

Developing a software begins with an idea for making a new product with the aim of solving a problem. Then at the consultation meeting, product visualization takes form as a part of this process before the designing stage sets off. At this stage for start-ups, unlike companies that stop at software development, Srico has the ability to offer a comprehensive solution. Every section that is discussed below in detail can be eliminated or carried out based on customer's decision. As was mentioned in other parts, Srico specialists see this as an integral part of the production process of which the technical development of the software (programming) is also a part.

Market research:

The development of the idea and the visualization of the final product begins with market research. At this phase, the sales, technical and research and development departments of Srico, present you with four methods mentioned bellow. The results of this development process, will lead to a reduction in the risks of the final product for its owners which can be carried out based on customer's preferences.

  1. The results of previous studies recorded in the private encyclopedia of the company in classified form, is edited to match your field of work, and handed over to you in the first stage to familiarize you with the market atmosphere you intend to enter. This option will be sufficient for start-ups with low budget development plans and relatively simple market places.
  2. Specialized research method: at this stage, which is carried out after the first step, our experts can conduct systemic and exclusive research for the introduction of your product into the target market, and present the results to you in the form of standardized documents in counselling meetings. This stage will be a significant assistance to start-ups who are considering a larger market rather than a simple specimen.
  3. Online field study method: in this method, the specialized research department of Srico can lead a research campaign though surveys based on statistically categorized websites to provide detailed answers to questions that the creators of ideas might have regarding the market. The results of this method (which must be done in conjunction with the other two) will help larger star-ups minimize the risks associated with product development process and introduction of the product into the market.
  4. 4- Physical field study method: in this method, appropriate for larger start-ups, after the online examination, the statistics experts will take samples of oral and written physical standardized questionnaires to reduce your risks of entering the bigger markets.

Feasibility study:

After necessary examinations Srico's financial team will be able to issue a document of feasibility study for your start-up so as to determine your road map and related costs and make an assessment of profitability. This stage results in a summary sheet that displays what you will financially earn. This sheet will provide you with information regarding how much time and financing is needed for your idea and will provide you with an estimate of profitability. Now you can determine how you'll enter the market and make more precise decisions.

Analysis, architecture, and system design:

In this section, an accomplished specialist will take a "big picture" look at your final product, and Srico will design your software and offer you the database, pages, and other relevant items in accordance with the existing standards of the field. The outcome of this section is the result of every step previously explained. In fact, the outcome, is your final product, but only on paper. Srico sees this document as more valuable than the product itself since this blueprint is prepared in line with the standards of the field. Any programming team, in case they have access to this document, would be able to crystalize the outcomes of the product, albeit with very different qualities. The specialists of this department are the main driving engine of Srico and their value equals that of Srico itself.

The outcomes of the previous stages will be further worked on in the product development stage. To gain more information on this stage, study the relevant section. You can also refer to the Services Menu to learn more about Srico's services.