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SRIco company in this direction is committed to always adhere to enhance the quality of their services.

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Mobile Apps

The generation of new services is the generation of production of software for mobile devices. Increasing use of mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices is an excellent market to attract new customers. The number of users who use mobile phone applications is increasing in recent years. On the other hand, when you convince a user to install your product (application), then you will have a large content penetration rate over him and he can become a repeat customer, if managed properly. Mobile apps have a wide range of users, because of their speed and ease of use. So, it is very likely to find potential customers among them.

Many web services, when began to serve mobile users, experienced an influx of new customers who were not even considered as potential customers before. For example, Facebook experienced a new range of users after proper release of its application which was not generally compatible with the trend of previous users in terms of age, gender, culture and so on. Today, we are all aware of the popularity of many mobile applications such as telegram, Instagram, eBay, Gmail, etc. and this has led to the formation of many startup ideas in the area of these applications. If you have any idea for the development of mobile phone applications, you can now contact SRICO experts for information about the cost and terms of its production.

Mobile apps are produced and distributed in the set categories. Categories such as messaging, social networking, management devices, e-business, media, e-content, finance and so on. Srico in many of these categories analyzes, designs and produces software and we will be able to implement and publish what you need in a standard and managed process.

Now the two platforms of Android and iOS have the most shares of the mobile devices. Android operating system developed by Google and many brands of mobile phone and tablet manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC are using it. On the other side is operating system iOS that is only used for the devices produced by Apple.

In Iran, the market share of Android operating system due to wide range of price of mobiles based on it is more than Apple's proprietary operating system. Also iOS that belongs to luxury brand of Apple includes a particular class of users which are considered very well for many of the market ideas. In the portfolio section you can see some of apps developed by Srico. In the services section you can also become familiar with related activities of Srico in this area.