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Meteo DB

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Web Design

The meteorological database of national water documents

Implementing WEB GIS to store, process, analyze and present meteorological parameters and wa-ter requirements calculation for national water documents

Technology:GIS – PostgreSQL – PostGIS – Web based – Map – Open Layers


Employer:Agricultural Planning, Economic, and Rural Development Research Institute

GIS PostgreSQL PostGIS Web based Map Open Layers

Further details of the project

1.1.General Knowledge

This web-based software developed for store and keep data, process and analyze, display and present all meteorological parameters. These data will be used for national water calcula-tion contains more than 15 million records that includes geographic and geometric properties. Complicated reports with custom parameters based on GIS technics can be created via user interface by users. Many features has been developed such as:

  • • Spatial database
  • • user interface with features like:
    • o Padding
    • o Zooming
    • o Draw polygon
    • o Layer management
  • • Create interpolated maps with Four complicated technics like IDW, Kriging, etc.
  • • Create necessary charts (Correlation, Linear, etc.)

and many other specifically developed features for this project. This software uses the latest technic to connect to servers and run complex queries with in minimum time possible, render raster files in client-side to significantly decrease data size floating between server and client. Different access levels, valuable datas, online evapotranspiration with completely customisa-ble methods and parameters(with system’s intelligent suggestions for method choosing based on local climates) are helping this software to be fairly quick. This software doesn’t need any hardware configuration and can be accessed with any mobile device with internet connection.

1.2.Software key features:
  • 1.2.1. Easy to use: This application is in Persian and completely independent from windows based software.
  • 1.2.2. Daily statistics of meteorological stations
  • 1.2.3. Map plains in each province and their public profile
  • 1.2.4. Map of political divisions
  • 1.2.5. Provinces, cities and municipalities of the country
  • 1.2.6. Calculation of crop evapotranspiration by standard methods
  • 1.2.7. Crop plant water requirement during the monthly, daily and ten-days
  • 1.2.8. The meteorological parameters at intervals statistical zoning
1.3.Index software features:
  • 1.3.1. Web Development for simple access
  • 1.3.2. User interface with padding, zooming, draw polygon, layer management
  • 1.3.3. Query the GIS data
  • 1.3.4. Interpolated maps with mathematical techniques
1.4.4. Technics, softwares and languages that been used:
  • 1.4.1. Based on PHP
  • 1.4.2. Compatible with both linux and windows based servers
  • 1.4.3. Developed Based on PostgreSQL and PostGIS extension
  • 1.4.4. Software Developed with standard
  • 1.4.5. All software based on standard three-tier architecture implementation is complete.
  • 1.4.6. In client-side JavaScript and jQuery is used to provide the required effects.
1.5.Architecture, structure and user cycle:
  • 1.5.1. Users select the stations, then select the parameter that they need for the report, after all re-port will be created and shown to the user.
  • 1.5.2. All tools for refining stations data has been developed. User can process data through plain, political divisions and draw the desired shape or find the stations on the map.
  • 1.5.3. Highlight the desired section on the map.
  • 1.5.4. General configuration software based on client-server structure.
  • 1.5.5. All the data can be manipulated from admin side of the software.
1.6.Application’s user view:
  • 1.6.1. Application’s homepage:

  • 1.6.2. Provinces:

  • 1.6.3. Number of stations:

  • 1.6.4. Select the desired section:

  • 1.6.5. Report sample