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Reengineering the software

If you have had the experience of implementing a software in the past or have previously commenced a startup, you might have encountered problems such as too much consumption of resources in the server or reduced speed in the database or the inability of software producer to further develop the product and expand its capabilities. Similar examples of such issues are abundant in Srico's field of activity. Therefore, there is a separate department in Srico for dealing with such eventualities.

For advanced engineering programs, issues such as those described above are never far from the minds of experienced clients.

In fact, our engineers and specialists can examine the current product and analyze the detected defects and required capabilities, and embark upon reengineering your software, creating the new generation of your product in accordance with the standards defined in the Design and Development department of Srico.

As a case study, we will now turn our attention to the Qazvin Plain Irrigation Software. You can learn more about the details of this software in our work samples section.

Before the development of Qazvin Plain's irrigation software by Srico, Saj Co. had developed a similar software (in terms of usage), using a team of programmers. In fact, the previous software owned the basic capabilities of the required system, but when the product was put to use, it became clear that the final user couldn’t operate the system due to the following reasons.

  1. The previous software had been developed on the platform of a Windows OS. In other words, it was a software package that needed to be installed on a computer. In the first step the fundamental fault of the structure was that the information of the software had been developed in one or two separate units but the data output was required in more than 4 units after processing by the software. Each of these units were physically far away from each other so it became clear very early on that the chosen platform had to be converted into a web-based software.
  2. The previously developed software was dependent on several other programs such that installing all the components on a newly installed windows OS would require more than two hours' time and this meant very lengthy initial configuration!
  3. The developed software was painfully slow, advanced calculations of water necessity and more importantly specialized optimization formulas would take a long time to run on a personal computer and this slowness in a larger scale would lead to a complete failure.
  4. 4- A need for hardware resources on the host computer. Due to the use of dependent programs and absence of an optimal software architecture, the produced software needed a lot of hardware resources and providing them in the designated units would be impossible.

Srico's Solution:

After a general examination, a team from Srico reengineered the software. During this process and through software structure analysis, a completely novel architecture was proposed for the software's optimal implementation. Through this newly proposed package, the use of software in far-apart units became not only possible but also very low in terms of cost. Initial configuration time was reduced to zero and the speed of software calculations literally increased by tens of times. In addition to all of this, 30 all-new capabilities were devised and developed for the program.

As was mentioned in the work samples section, the new software was developed based on web, and now users from several separate units will have access to it via inexpensive computers and by running nothing more than a simple internet explorer. Through implementing several access layers, managers and employees of different operating teams can now have safe access to a bulk of processed information. Due to running the calculations on a powerful server, the users can quickly receive the results.

Agriculture water resources management software is an example of Srico's successful reengineering services. Contact Srico, share your sample problem with our specialists to receive comprehensive ideas for the optimization of what you currently possess of the software.