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Software Development

SRIco company in this direction is committed to always adhere to enhance the quality of their services.

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Software Development

Various companies and corporations were our clients in past ten years. Our major speciality is professional web and mobile applications. SRIco trying to make every step of the contract, since signing it to software’s support be in good quality and match with international standards. So we will be profited by positive effect of a good contract any kind of problem will be reduced by far.

Consultant is our first step. We try to reach a mutual view of the product. ‌By holding meetings, conference call or exchanging documents a conclusion will be reached. After that our team will start to develop the idea and achieve the promised standards. At last contract will be provided with all the details, platforms, period and costs.

Based on this contract documents will be prepared about the development phase. Interface designers and software architectures will make a prototype and after make sure our customer is satisfied, product development will be started.

Here in SRIco agile method is been used and every step of the way customer will be informed about the progress so the product will be exactly as they wanted.

After the production phase the software will implemented and based on the contract we start the support phase. In this phase the product will be tested and debugged. When this phase is passed future developing is possible.

The important thing that should be in mind in all these steps is that our team will try to create an architecture that doesn’t make any problem and have the ability to be expanded in long time. This step will be discussed with the customer in the first phase. Our knowledge that we apply to softwares was achieved through our studies in markets and using efficiency in every details.

This analogy applies here that a two level building has the potential to be five levels, and any time it was necessary can build three more levels on top of the same building.

You can see these steps in production by checking our sample works and startups section if you have any brilliant idea.