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Product development

In commencing a start-up, after the design and visualization stages, the product development process begins. In its 10 years of professional activity in software programming, Srico has gathered together an elite group of specialists and advisors of this field in order to move towards development of products at the highest level of quality, relying on its elite team as well as its experience of the past decade. More than 15 exclusive developers (to see a list of Srico team members, click here) are currently active in Srico all of whom work on the technical development of your ordered software at Srico premises.

Srico's technical team consists of various subgroups mentioned bellow:

  1. Server-side developers: the main technical team of Srico focusing on data processing, data preservation, software logic implementation and all related issues. In Srico, the main programming language on the server side is PHP, but depending on the subject of different projects, other programming languages are also utilized besides this language. The same team is in charge of Database management, and Mysql and Postgresql are used for this particular purpose.
  2. UI/UX designing: the graphic design and UX team are responsible for what needs to be displayed on the user side.
  3. User interface developers: implementing what has been designed for the UI and everything that is displayed on the user side (user's explorer) is carried out by this team. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript programming language together with Jquery plugin, and if need be, Angular JS are among the tools and standards used by this team to develop the Frontend.
  4. Project management: in Srico, projects are managed using the Agile Method. Therefore, as a client, you will have no worry about any mismatch between the final product and what you envisaged and were anticipating in advance. Based on defined standards, and during the process of software development, regular meetings are held between project manager and clients, in order to coordinate the progress towards the final product, so that throughout the production process the waste of time and energy is minimized and eventually the final product has the lowest possible level of discrepancy with the proposed idea and what was defined in the documents.