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SRIco company in this direction is committed to always adhere to enhance the quality of their services.

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Software testing and examination

Examining the produced software and application of practical and laboratory conditions is among the services offered only by an experienced programming team, and that is only for programs classified in their area of professional services.

After 10 years of professional activity, Srico team offers software testing and examination services exclusively and only in the field of web-based software for programs making use of certain technologies.

Under these conditions, Srico takes on applying various standard conditions to software programs developed by other programming teams that also make use of technologies supported by us, through systematic contracting, and presents the results in the form of a complete report together with the designated certificates.

You can use these services to confirm the contract for your advanced software with ease of mind and, at the same time, troubleshoot your software in case of actual difficulties that might arise.

These services are also available for software programs developed by Srico, that is, the client can request a full professional troubleshooting in case the support time period has expired.

For more information regarding these services, please contact Srico's expert team.