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Web based services

SRIco company in this direction is committed to always adhere to enhance the quality of their services.

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Web-based services

Today exclusive web services are widely in demand. Cloud services that can be interactive with clients in the browsers and in mobile devices shown as applications. Both of these are using the one cloud services but presented to clients differently based on their device. Most popular cloud web services are Facebook, Youtube, Gmail, Instagram that all of us spend lots of time in them.

We have lots of experience in this field and most startups are using web services. If you have an idea like mentioned application all you need is a web service that SRIco experts are able to create exclusive web service for you. With this experience we can provide the most efficient method for your idea so later development would be a lot easier and without wasting resources.

Because of Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) would make sure of extensibility and optimised working. Devices treats every single task as a unit.

Analyze, design, standards documents, quality check, setting up, hosting, support are a chain which are necessary for your web based startups, and SRIco with providing all this parameters for you help you to begin your startup with the most efficiency resource management.

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