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Website Design & development

SRIco company in this direction is committed to always adhere to enhance the quality of their services.

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Web Design

Exclusive website is another service from SRIco. With every expertise include of content experts, UI/UX specialist and much more available in SRIco you can have an effective website. Level of expertise in SRIco will satisfy more than your expectation.

SRIco will create each component exclusive for customer’s need. Customer will be represent with a full package of content and design. In all these steps our SEO specialist check the production.

On the other hand SRIco has it’s own CMS that been created with in the company.Output with this CMS will be:

  1. Designed with standard parameters.
  2. Hi-Speed with Iran internet.
  3. Compatible with common browsers.
  4. Responsive and compatible with mobile devices and tablets.
  5. Designed exclusive for each project.
  6. Standard based on SEO parameters.
  7. Appropriate graphic design
  8. Suitable hosting with Iranian powerful servers
  9. Supported with high quality.

So your website will be more than just your satisfaction.

You can check our work by watching Our projects in the menu. If you have any questions we will be gladly answering.