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About SRIco

SRIco company in this direction is committed to always adhere to enhance the quality of their services.

About us

SRIco(Soroush Rayaneh Iranian) is an active company in most of IT fields(etc. hardware and software, network connections and ADSL) since 2005. ‌Blessed with successful managers consultant we were able to focus on web design and web applications.

Our presence in Allameh Tabataba'i University for seven years as publisher is one of our activities. SRIco team with varies projects across the country trying to present the best quality to every customer. In the route of progress we wont stop until we reach our absolute goals.

SRIco’s long-shot

We are trying to offer best quality in our fields which are listed below. We set a goal for ourself to be one of the top ones in the world in this fields.

  1. Consultation and presenting each customer with a specific solution.
  2. Consultation, Design and implementing web based startups.
  3. Design, Program and Implementing web based softwares.
  4. Design, Program and Implementing mobile device softwares.
  5. Design and develop websites.